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Daniel Kreis
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Buyer protection

German Kontor Privatbank AG offers the buyer protection for Sofort under the brand Deutsche Handelsbank AG and in association with Sofort GmbH. This buyer protection gives you as a customer a money-back-guarantee in case of non-delivery of goods. Sofort with buyer protection turns »online-trade with payment in advance« into a »goods for money business«: For the protection of the customers - for the support of serious online traders!

Claim buyer protection

Your purchase is only secured with buyer protection if the buyer protection seal is displayed in the payment form of Sofort and you have activated buyer protection.

  1. Buyer protection: Protection against non-delivery

    You choose Sofort with buyer protection at the online shop. This means, instead of paying the merchant directly, that you pay the amount of money to a Deutsche Handelsbank intermediary account. The amount will be paid to the merchant after a 14 day period. During this period you have the opportunity to raise an objection in the event that you do not receive your order.

  2. Claim buyer protection

    If the goods you ordered were not delivered you can activate the buyer protection within 14 days of your payment with Sofort. The link for activating the buyer protection is located in your confirmation email. If you do not have this email, please click here: Claim buyer protection and we will send you the link again. Therefore, please state a valid email address for the payment transaction. The stated email address is only used for the purpose of processing your buyer protection.

    As soon as you have activated the buyer protection, Deutsche Handelsbank AG asks the dealer to confirm the delivery of the goods. If he does not confirm delivery within 5 days, you receive your money back.

    Important notice for purchasers: Delivery delays may occur with any dealer from time to time. If you are informed of a delay by your dealer after your order and payment, please ensure to avoid any confusion that you activate the buyer protection within the agreed term. A delay of delivery communicated by the dealer does not extend the buyer protection term. With an activated buyer protection, both parties retain the opportunity for settlement, and you do not lose your buyer protection.

    Please see the details of the buyer protection in the Buyer protection conditions of the Deutsche Handelsbank.